Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Thank you so much: Jews for acting to stop the racist genocide on poor Africans!!!

Friday, April 21, 2006

My "crime" for posting against racial hatred on

Out of the blue I got a notification by LW moderator
c j [Chelsey] that I am banned, obviously for standing up against racists posts, no other reason could ever be found.

Very unfortunate that a moderator or two at golivewire are running it down the drain, a forum for teen that could have been so beautiful.

(The absolute infantile email I got about it from golivewire moderator WigAOK9 [Scott] & echoed by Tangaroa [Thomas] is astonishing, I sent it to: as they have been eyeing golivewire for some time).

Well, what a few racists can destroy, many good people can't rebuild!

Friday, March 31, 2006

It is OK to be different!

It is not OK to... say differently (to say: "it's not ok"... )

Brazil, Who didn't hear about it?
Yes the land of the carnaval & of the Copacabana beaches.

But Brazil is also the best melting pot (that I know of) asides from a tiny fraction (like the handful of Nazis that escaped at the end of their committed horrors of the Holocaust & some of their children continuing the "evil tradition").
Brazil, where you can be, White Christian, Black Christian, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Jew, Arab, Chinese, (and of course) Latino, European (Spanish/Portughese/Italian, etc.) all put their differences and politics asides and dance (no not in mere materialistic terms) as one, the dance of life.

Obrigado, Brazil.